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Hardware, Embedded Systems Now this is interesting news that hit my inbox at 2:22 AM (don't ask). It seems like the concept of selling Mac clones is more lucrative than many have anticipated, as I've just been informed via email that the German PearC has expanded its business into the BeNeLux (Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg) and France. Together with the news that Psystar emerged from chapter 11, it looks like the market for Mac clones is more lucrative than many of us had imagined.
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by dylansmrjones on Sat 4th Jul 2009 09:36 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: :)"
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Who said anything about protecting a company; libertarians uphold contracts and protect private property.

Again, Where did I dictate what someone should and shouldn't buy?

But not all libertarians agree on the scope of private property. At least don't count me in as a supporter of IP-monopoly, nor as a supporter of contracts between two parts where one is in reality more equal than the other part.

In Denmark there's no problem in selling Mac-clones. Actually it's a protected right (you are free to dirty room reengineer and so on), and rightfully so. You shouldn't have the possibility to decide what I do with stuff I buy. You only get to decide whether to sell it or not. If you sell it you accept that I can do whatever I want. Otherwise, don't sell it. Period.

P.S. What's that crap about being too old to play games just because you've passed 30? ... what!? Come again....

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