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Hardware, Embedded Systems Well, it really seems as if Psystar is committed to continue its business, no matter what. The company entered chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in May, and many wondered if this meant the end of the clone maker and the legal case between Apple and Psystar. Well, today the clone maker announced that it is emerging from chapter 11, and while they're at it, they also introduce a new "Mac".
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by DREVILl30564 on Sat 4th Jul 2009 21:17 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Psystar..."
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Bob you're correct on this. Large OEM's who have agreements with Microsoft are sold branded OEM COA (Certificate of Authenticity) license stickers in batch lots, and they are allowed to burn Their own Custom OS Restore disks that have their branding and any custom preinstalled drivers, and software that they want to include.

The smaller OEM companies have to pay a higher price and they normally buy their OEM sets in 5 or 10 packs from authorized microsoft resellers at a price that is slightly cheaper per unit than the individual OEM packs that are sold at places like Frys, Newegg, ETC.

Psystar is buying Retail OSX Leopard install disks and paying the full retail price for each retail box that they purchase.

I know I was able to get my retail boxed copy of OSX Leopard used off ebay for around $60 including shipping.

This helped me to keep the costs down when I built D945GCLF Intel Atom based Hackintosh system.

I blogged about the details for it and have some pictures of the system if anyone is interested.

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