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Qt As some had already anticipated when Nokia acquired Trolltech, the next version of the Maemo platform will have its application framework based on Qt instead of Gtk+. This news was announced at the Gran Canaria Desktop Summit. While the switch to Qt may seem a major defeat for the GNOME community, this isn't exactly true, as many of the underlying technologies will still be GNOME-centric.
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GLib is an optional dependency of Qt. I think Qt can share even loop and some other part with glib so only one will run in the background and be loaded in memory, even if both Qt/KDE and Gnome apps are used at the same time.

Yes, Qt can (and does) use the glib event loop. This is a big deal, since it means you can use libs from gnome/glib crew that interact with the event loop (register timeouts, use dbus, poll on sockets...) without modifications.

Conserving memory is besides the point.

It might be cool to factor the event loop out from the rest of the glib, and establish it as a lean "Unix event loop" :-). Rest of the glib is pretty pointless when you have QtCore around.

Incidentally, I'd like too QtCore & C++ pushed forward in Linux userspace "core" development much more now that it's LGPL, instead of being systematically shot down in favor of glib; see

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