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Legal It was more or less not a question of if, but when, and now we're here: the US Department of Justice is said to launch an investigation into the US telecommunications industry to see if the two biggest players, AT&T and Verizon, are abusing their market position. Even though Apple is not a target for the probe, the usually trustworthy Wall Street Journal states that the iPhone/AT&T deal will also come under scrutiny [subscr. req.].
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Uncompetitive competition
by bousozoku on Tue 7th Jul 2009 05:14 UTC
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What can you do when 2 players use CDMA and 2 players use GSM and the GSM players are so far behind in supporting 3G data technology?

Qualcomm announced a chipset recently that covers all the bases, but that's likely to find its way into a courtroom, knowing how things work.

Unfortunately, it's a national market where no one (carriers, vendors, customers, government) really cares. Until everyone is using the same technologies, the government is spinning its wheels doing an investigation.

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