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Mono Project We've already seen some heavy discussion on Mono and C# here on OSNews the past few weeks, as it became clear the patent situation regarding the ECMA parts of Mono was anything but faith inspiring. This issue seems to be resolved now: Microsoft has made a legally binding promise not to sue anyone who uses or distributes implementations of said ECMA standards. Following this news, Mono will be split in two; the ECMA standard parts, and the rest.
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by kaiwai on Tue 7th Jul 2009 10:25 UTC in reply to "RE: Comment by kaiwai"
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I agree that this doesn't do to much for those that want to do .NET on Linux, but it should be a big boon to those who aren't interested in the entire .NET stack and instead just see the C# language itself as something of interest.

Its useless for someone interested in C# because anything of any value sits above the ECMA specification and if they wish to turn it into a real world skill then they'll have to learn about the technologies about the ECMA specification. C# has no value unless there are some value added components that sit on top - and given that Windows holds the dominances, compatibility with the value added components on top of the ECMA specification is paramount, not only for compatibility, the viability of interoperability but also for developers interested in C# and turning it into a real world skill.

Just as there is no value in C, C++ or any other language without the stack that sits on the top, be it win32 in the world, .NET Framework when it comes to managed C/C++ or the SUS03 specification when it comes to the *NIX world. Microsoft is the only company I can think of right now who threatens third party projects who reimplement a given framework on an alternative operating system. Ballmer first threatens opensource programmers over the re-implementation of win32, file formats, 'icon lay outs' etc. on *NIX by claiming that Microsoft will 'exert it's patent portfolio". When it comes to the .NET Framework they do the least humanly possible on the parts that have the least amount of value, namely, the ECMA specification is covered by a promise but anything of any value is still threatened by Microsoft's business policies.

This is Microsoft as usual, muddy the water in a hope that the murkiness will hide what their real business plan is - suck developers and third parties into an abyss so difficult to escape that when the time is right, they can screw those organisations for all they're worth. The patent challenge to TomTom was merely a shot over the bow, "f*ck with us, and we're happy to tear you a new hole - even over a trivial thing like an ancient file system driver".

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