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Mono Project We've already seen some heavy discussion on Mono and C# here on OSNews the past few weeks, as it became clear the patent situation regarding the ECMA parts of Mono was anything but faith inspiring. This issue seems to be resolved now: Microsoft has made a legally binding promise not to sue anyone who uses or distributes implementations of said ECMA standards. Following this news, Mono will be split in two; the ECMA standard parts, and the rest.
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RE[6]: Comment by kaiwai
by niemau on Tue 7th Jul 2009 16:09 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: Comment by kaiwai"
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the goal of MONO is to replace C with C# as the preimire dev technology on GNOME.

hah. no, it is not! it's about creating a clone of .NET. period. straight from the horse's mouth:

Provides the necessary software to develop and run .NET client and server applications on different platforms.

i am so tired of people making this just about patents. of course microsoft is going to continue to make shallow and/or vague patent threats in perpetuity. just like they ALWAYS have.

the only thing this 'promise' does is extend novell's insufficient coverage to others. it still doesn't cover everything.

but even if there was NO patent threat, it is flabbergasting that so many people have no problem with playing a constant game of catch-up, forever and ever. mono will ALWAYS be a 'me-too' or a 'second best implementation'. that is the very nature of the project. considering MS's... errr... history, why would anybody even *want* to take that on?

that simple fact is why a good number of people don't want to be any further entrenched in mono than necessary. that is why we shouldn't be pushing mono as a development platform. a compatibility option, sure. but never installed by default. and NEVER critical.

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