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OSNews, Generic OSes When I read this item in the backend submission queue, I must admit that I thought it was a fake, and I must say that I'm still not confident enough about this one. A Korean company held a press event today during which it launched its Tmax Window operating system. Built on in-house technology, they claim it has 100% compatibility with Windows software. Update: A lot more information in this article.
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by neticspace on Wed 8th Jul 2009 22:32 UTC
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Very few South Koreans touched and experienced Linux. South Korea is a country that hasn't exposed to FOSS decently.

I'm South Korean and not many people are hyped about TMAX because all the media impressions and ads are too sensation-oriented (more like gimmicky). I don't think TMAX Windows will fly high. Instead the good news is that the TMAX developers will learn a valuable lesson and a reasonable experience afterwards.

But there are good reasons for the justification of making a new operating system catered towards South Koreans. From what I know:

1. Microsoft & Intel are on the black list of trading controversies in South Korea for a very long time
2. South Korean software and game companies are losing faith in Windows' performance
3. Many professionals working for South Korean web portals (Nate and Yahoo! Korea) are not satisfied with Windows' performance
4. National security issues for databases and need for something "isolated" like an independent OS
5. Desperate reformation of South Korea's tech industry

If you think about it, average South Koreans need a new operating system that caters the unique needs of them.

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