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Google Google's recent move of revealing the Chrome OS to a suspecting public has put a great many people on alert. Some say it's a major privacy issue, some say Google oughtn't to become more and more monopolistic, while others think that the wide array of popular Linux distributions shouldn't become even more fragmented than it already is. "Google's decision to create its own Linux distribution and splinter the Linux community decisively once again can only be seen as foolhardy and self-obsessive. Instead of treading its own path, Google should have sought to leverage the stellar work already carried out by Mark Shuttleworth and his band of merry coders and tied its horse to the Ubuntu cart."
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RE[7]: No thanks Ubuntu.
by Teknoenie on Thu 9th Jul 2009 06:16 UTC in reply to "RE[6]: No thanks Ubuntu."
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"For the sake of argument, let's pretend that I believe that you really maintain 7000 hosts in the enterprise."

Thank you for understanding, and yes I do. GNU/Linux CentOS, Ubuntu and SLES at a major university.

"Is your post somehow supposed to be relevant to the topic at hand?"

Yes, it's that Ubuntu, while a great OS, is not the pancea that people make it out to be.

"session that you are simply casting about for anything you can blather in disparagement of a distro which, I suppose, you feel threatens your favored distro."

Hahaha, I could care less. I use Ubuntu on my desktop and laptop. Why, because I'm lazy, but on the other hand I can also use LFS and know GNU/Linux, BSD and UNIX pretty darn well. I use CentOS/RHEL/Suse at work on the desktop and in our HPC installation. I've used most variations of GNU/Linux, BSD and UNIX since 1993, so no, it doesn't threaten my favorite distro. More or less I'm pointing out that Ubuntu isn't all that great.

"You do realize that we're talking about an OS configuration which is going to be rolled out preinstalled on netbook *clients*, and later, desktop *clients*. And not about rolling this out on preexisting hardware at Google and Yahoo. Did you even read the article?"

Again, a general comment towards Ubuntu and not this product at hand. Yes, I read the article, I understand where this is going to be deployed, but again, why does it have to have *anything* to do with Ubuntu. If it wasn't for Debian Ubuntu wouldn't even exist unless Shuttleworth decided to use a different distribution and build from there! Oh wait, that's what Google is doing! Screw Ubuntu it doesn't matter!

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