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Google Chromium/Chrome, everyone's favourite web browser that descended from heaven to take us by the hand and guide us to the promised land of web browsers (that's how I look at it, anyway, but I'm insane) has been steadily evolving its Linux port. The latest feature addition? The first signs of native themeing.
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RE[3]: Hallelujah!
by No it isnt on Thu 9th Jul 2009 09:28 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Hallelujah!"
No it isnt
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Most of those features are in Firefox by default. The task manager and the memory profiler are the only two major things, the rest are minor niceties. "Paste and go" might be nice if you use Windows; on Linux it's more convenient to middle click a URL somewhere in the browser window, or middle click and press enter in the search box.

Chrome's UI looks good, as it gets rid of all the standard information you expect to see in a browser (File, Edit, View ...), but is it? Perhaps on small screens, like some netbooks, it will benefit from hiding the status bar and the menu bar. Personally, I find the unified URL and search field, with auto completion, very confusing. Then again, I also like high resolution screens.

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