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General Development Strong error handling translates into more reliable applications. When you load an XML document, it is best to catch errors early, before they have a chance to damage other data. I have noticed that many companies and developers make the same mistakes when they adopt XML technology. Learn how to avoid common XML coding errors when you design and implement error handling in XML applications.
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And I thought Unix had solved this 30 years ago...

"Write programs to handle text streams, because that is a universal interface." -- Doug McIlroy

Yeah text is really ^M
universal, there are ^M
no cúmpatibility problems at all.

Note that XML is _not_ a proper text stream because it can't be parsed without an insanely huge and complex XML parser.

Yeah you're right, XML parsers are HUGE!!! (~300K source code)

There are many languages that don't have XML parsers(and there are many devices that don't have enough resources to run a standard XML parser), there are very few languages and systems that can't do string/text manipulation.

Yeah, there's lots of programming languages that can't interface with C libraries.

Well, I'm off to write a program that dumps binary search trees off my company's mainframe to a text stream for access on my graphing calculator...toodles.

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