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Talk, Rumors, X Versus Y During the Gran Canaria Desktop Summit, Richard M. Stallman of the Free Software Foundation (and the Superfluous Introduction Award goes to...) gave a keynote speech. Said keynote speech raised a few eyebrows in the Free software community because of a number of questionable remarks regarding women in technology. David "Lefty" Schlesinger, member of the GNOME Advisory Board and active in the mobile open source community, took issue with RMS' remarks and decided to call him out on it. The response he got was... Less than satisfying.
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RE: What's wrong with sexism?
by dagw on Thu 9th Jul 2009 20:58 UTC in reply to "What's wrong with sexism?"
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why can RMS not crack jokes about a specific gender and tech

It's all about context and timing, the specific nature of the joke is really quite irrelevant. Some thing which are fine to say in some situations is inappropriate in others. He made an obviously inappropriate joke in an inappropriate situation. Anybody with any sort of social awareness should be fully aware that saying certain things in certain settings is likely to get a certain response. That doesn't mean you cannot say it, but you cannot act all indignant when you get the expected reaction and people judge you on your actions.

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