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Internet & Networking A day earlier than expected, Microsoft has released version 3 of its Flash alternative Silverlight, including a number of related tools to aid in Silverlight development. It comes with a whole lot of new features.
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RE: Minor Rant
by Surtur on Fri 10th Jul 2009 14:29 UTC in reply to "Minor Rant"
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Take a look at all the different operating systems avaiable and have a look which one of them support at least one web browser (even if only textbrowsers). Afterwards compare this number with operating systems for which a 100% compatible (aka offical) version of Flash/Silverlight exists. I think you get the point (If you don't get it look at the first post in this thread :-)).

Although I agree that it is annoying that some browsers have/had different interpretations of e.g. rendering box models ( etc. in my oppinion you (and probably most other companies and webdesigners) don't get what (X)HTML is meant for.
As a (eXtensible) Hypertext Markup Language it is not meant to implement things on a per pixel base and since ages (X)HTML per itself is not meant for anything rendering specific (take CSS for this issue).

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