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Hardware, Embedded Systems The number of Mac clone makers is growing by the week, so it seems. We have Psystar in the United States, a clone maker in Russia, another one in the UK, and PearC who now cover Germany, The Netherlands, France, Belgium, and Luxembourg. We can add a new one to the list, one that I personally thought was a fake, but is apparently very real. One that has a retail store. In California. Quo Computer (in case you're wondering, you use that thing on the right to navigate - it's weird).
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The only problem I have with an All-In-One setup is why would I want to trash my existing monitor to switch to Mac. They would get a lot more converts if they had a reasonably priced, decently spec'ed tower option. Pro or Mini as choices is like feast or famine for potential switchers.

Now when Apple decides to implement touch screens as the default in iMacs.... that could make switching seem more worthwhile.

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