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Hardware, Embedded Systems The number of Mac clone makers is growing by the week, so it seems. We have Psystar in the United States, a clone maker in Russia, another one in the UK, and PearC who now cover Germany, The Netherlands, France, Belgium, and Luxembourg. We can add a new one to the list, one that I personally thought was a fake, but is apparently very real. One that has a retail store. In California. Quo Computer (in case you're wondering, you use that thing on the right to navigate - it's weird).
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Not so much to use it exclusively, but having touchscreen available for certain uses would be a nice feature that could make a Mac switch much more attractive.

Doing a quick flip through your music albums to start something playing, checking a document that you saved to the desktop or a quick email check; those types of things are where a touchscreen could come in handy.

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