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General Development This tutorial is part I of a three-part series (part II | part III) that takes you from the most basic PHP script to working with databases and streaming from the file system by documenting the building of a document workflow system.
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If using databases, go to Rails
by arbour42 on Wed 13th Jul 2005 17:56 UTC
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I've used PHP for about 5 years - very solid, and was able to do a lot with it. Mostly db-backed web sites.

But it's a pain to make "CRUD" style applications - edit, update, delete data. I've been playing with Ruby on Rails since last December, and it is leaps and bounds ahead of Php. It is extraordinarily easy to build db apps with it.

I got a book on building PHP e-commerce sites last winter. It is very well done, and the code was factored out into the proper MVC components. And it was enormous - a ton of code to do updates, to handle grids. It just wasn't worth it to implement for me. Rails literally cut the code from the book by 80%, while maintaining the MVC framework. Books are already coming out for Rails, so check them out and compare to php...

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