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Linux Linux Mint 7 "Gloria" was released a little while ago, so before it became too old of news, I thought I'd take a whack at experimenting with it for the sake of netbookers everywhere (and for myself, naturally). As I type this on gedit after about two weeks' use, let's just say that the system on my EeePC 1000 HE is, for the most part, rather glorious-- pun intended. As a bonus, I also got Google's Chromium browser to run on it, so keep on reading to find the section on that.
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I really didn't mean to fuss, but I hadn't seen a post by Jordan before and wanted to bring it up. I really wasn't trying to troll or bother people. I love OSNews, and don't consider myself a grammar nazi. Everyone makes mistakes. I just thought it was worth bringing up if Jordan is new. Thats all.

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