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Internet & Networking A day earlier than expected, Microsoft has released version 3 of its Flash alternative Silverlight, including a number of related tools to aid in Silverlight development. It comes with a whole lot of new features.
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RE[7]: Wow
by Slambert666 on Sat 11th Jul 2009 16:22 UTC in reply to "RE[6]: Wow"
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How about the fact that you're a liar makes anything you say invalid.

So... He is a Liar...

You can purchase DRM free AAC tracks from iTunes, there is nothing stopping you from doing it.

Because you can buy some different product from apple that behaves differently?

WTF????? How is this even an argument?

Apple has proprietary DRM and a proprietary interface to the iPod (That's a fact) so he is not a liar.

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