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Windows We already more or less confirmed that Microsoft would offer a Windows 7 Home Premium upgrade family pack, with the only missing piece being a more definitive idea on the price. Thanks to a few overeager retailers, we now know that the suggested retail price for the 3-license upgrade pack will be 149 USD, a savings of 210 USD. The family pack is currently not yet available.
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RE[2]: Upgrade?
by DREVILl30564 on Sat 11th Jul 2009 19:06 UTC in reply to "RE: Upgrade?"
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Hey if we're lucky Microsoft didn't close the upgrade loophole that was discovered when Vista came out, where you just did an install for the version you bought without putting in a serial number then after you got it installed you ran the setup file to upgrade and then put your serial number in. no need for a previous version.

I know, I know I'm probably dreaming, surely they fixed that one for windows 7.

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