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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless PureMobile sent over the Nokia E75, one of Nokia's latest business phones. Let's see how the phone stacks up compared to the rest of Symbian S60 3.x phones we have around.
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RE: considering
by bsharitt on Sat 11th Jul 2009 20:42 UTC in reply to "considering"
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I have an E71 now and I love it. The size of the phone is amazing with how thin it is. I do really love slide out keyboard phones like the E75 and if I had to choose all over again between the E75 and the E71/72, it would be a touch choice, but I think I would still go with the 71/72 for the thinness. Despite the size of the phone, they keyboard of the E71 is still very good and assuming they didn't change it too much for the 72, you should be in good shape there.

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