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Linux Linux Mint 7 "Gloria" was released a little while ago, so before it became too old of news, I thought I'd take a whack at experimenting with it for the sake of netbookers everywhere (and for myself, naturally). As I type this on gedit after about two weeks' use, let's just say that the system on my EeePC 1000 HE is, for the most part, rather glorious-- pun intended. As a bonus, I also got Google's Chromium browser to run on it, so keep on reading to find the section on that.
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RE[3]: Poor writing
by weildish on Sat 11th Jul 2009 21:59 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Poor writing"
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I thought I might address your critisizms of my use of the English language (I'm the Jordan Spencer Cunningham in question despite my comment username being displayed as "weildish"):

I'm an American citizen, and I happen to be very fluent in the English language-- definitely better than ~80% of the US population is, at least. I cringe as you have while talking to many of them online. However, I understand and will be the first to admit that I don't understand the rules perfectly, and then there are some rules that I throw out for the sake of a style of writing or simply because I feel they don't matter; I want to say things a certain way, and if my readers can understand it, I'm happy to trample a few rules. I am a creative writer by nature and not one to hold strict to the rules, but I still try to maintain a certain standard. You have to admit that I am not as most of the US population seems to be with their language. I love English-- how it is so flexible and how one can explore it, even break through it to yet unknown vistas.

I am happy to better my English, and I appreciate constructive criticism. Please understand that I can only do so much as an editor, and even though I proofread my work multiple times before posting, I usually won't pick every mistake up (also, I often skip over known mistakes simply because I'm used to bending the rules for my creative work).

I will gladly accept future criticisms in email if the criticizer explains the rules behind these criticisms, but please leave criticism on the author's language use out of the comments from this time forward. Thank you.

PS-- Kerfuffle and kafuffle are interchangable. I consider them slang (as do many others), and both are acceptable if the occasion permits; even multiple dictionaries agree with me if you'd like to be technical.

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