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OSNews, Generic OSes Even though news has been slow the entire week due to the fact that it's summer and people are more interested in vacation than in technology news, we still had a lot of interesting stuff this week. Google obviously captured the headlines with its Chrome OS, but we also talked about Mono, Richard Stallman, and many other things.
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RE[6]: Mono
by michi on Mon 13th Jul 2009 12:58 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: Mono"
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Try using Swing and claim compare that to C# - then claim that C# is complex.

You should really compare Swing to Windows.Forms or WPF. Using a decent IDE like Netbeans or Eclipse it is quite easy to put together a simple form and add some logic. However, try to write a moderately complex GUI application using Swing and Windows.Forms and you will notice that Swing is a relativly well designed GUI toolkit and Windows.Forms is crap. And WPF has quite a steep learning curve, it is quite complex and it totally lacks things like MVC for Lists, Trees and so on.

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