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OSNews, Generic OSes Even though news has been slow the entire week due to the fact that it's summer and people are more interested in vacation than in technology news, we still had a lot of interesting stuff this week. Google obviously captured the headlines with its Chrome OS, but we also talked about Mono, Richard Stallman, and many other things.
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RE[8]: Mono
by michi on Mon 13th Jul 2009 13:36 UTC in reply to "RE[7]: Mono"
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It has something better, deletages. the MVC pattern is easily implemented with it, and even more.

If it is so easy to implement the MVC pattern for controls using delegates, why didn't Microsoft do it? Just try to put 100000 items in a Windows.Forms listview, in a WPF listview and a JList. Swing is the only toolkit of the three that can handle this.

Java has no comparition with C#, even if the troll in you insist with the contrary.

Anonymous inner classes in Java allow you to do similar things as delegates. And the Java class library is way better then the .Net one. Just have a look at java.util.concurrent.* .Net does not even provide a blocking queue which is essential for multithread programming. And if you want to have a language that is nicer than Java and C# and runs on the JVM, have a look at Scala.

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