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BeOS & Derivatives It seems like only yesterday when Haiku was nothing more than a mere promise. Oh how the times have changed, as evidenced by yesterday's news: Colin Guenther has ported the FreeBSD WiFi stack to Haiku, and managed to get a connection, browse the internet, and download a large file.
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RE: Nice work
by Earl Colby pottinger on Mon 13th Jul 2009 21:19 UTC in reply to "Nice work"
Earl Colby pottinger
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Haiku seems to be very slow getting to 'Alpha', I really hope they can reach it by the end of the year, but I am not betting on it.

On the plus side, Haiku's pre-alpha state is in many ways better than lots of other software's beta-gamma-RC-1.0 releases.

It not only runs well on my old Dell laptop, but I have been test booting the diffirent netbooks (I am looking to buy one soon) in the stores off an usb flash drive with no problems so on any model.

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