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Microsoft "The next version of Office moved a step closer to reality on Monday as Microsoft released an invitation-only technical preview of Office 2010. However, the release of the software will be limited. Attendees of this week's Worldwide Partner Conference in New Orleans, as well as the recent TechEd show, will gain access to the desktop versions of Office 2010." More here.
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For what it does, Access is very powerful for department-level solutions. It allows extremely fast UI and Report development, and gives the user an easy ability to build ad-hoc queries. I've used it since '94 and you cannot build similar front-ends using ANY web technologies today - javascript, flex, silverlight, javafx. A couple of JS libraries are getting there, but still have a good way to go.

The only db front-end builder that is better is Delphi. Nothing in the open-source world, or in Microsoft's .NET world, comes close to either of these.

Also, FoxPro was bought by Microsoft so that Access 2.0 could use Foxpro's query engine. I know fellows still using Foxpro today. I also greatly enjoyed Paradox. If Corel would only open-source it, I would use it immediately.

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