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BeOS & Derivatives It seems like only yesterday when Haiku was nothing more than a mere promise. Oh how the times have changed, as evidenced by yesterday's news: Colin Guenther has ported the FreeBSD WiFi stack to Haiku, and managed to get a connection, browse the internet, and download a large file.
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RE: So I was wrong
by umccullough on Tue 14th Jul 2009 18:24 UTC in reply to "So I was wrong"
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So I was wrong that Haiku is dead. I don't know why but there are many negative impressions about Haiku in the Internet and reinforce the fact that the Haiku Project is hypothetically dead. My goodness, they need to straighten up the facts.

Who are these "they" you speak of? ;)

If you point me to some of these "negative impressions" I can certainly do whatever I can to correct them.

Most of the "Negative impressions" I have read are usually Linux-zealots who denounce any project that isn't Linux - mostly because they feel it's a waste of time/effort, or disagree with the motives behind the project and/or the license choice. Most of what I find, though, is extremely positive.

Feel free to email me privately if you want to send me some links - my osnews nick at gmail.

FWIW, Haiku will be showing at OSCON2009 and OpenSource World 2009 this year - feel free to register at either of those expos (should be free for the expo hall) and hang out and chat about the project. We'll be glad to show you live in person how un-dead Haiku really is ;)

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