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Podcasts We keep this week's podcast simple. Just two topics: Mono (finally some movement from Microsoft!) and Google's vapid Chrome OS announcement. However, to top this up with a full bodied flavour, we cover your feedback on last week's show.
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by Philip Grant on Tue 14th Jul 2009 23:16 UTC
Philip Grant
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Did you not know that CUPS has worked in OS X since 2002 and has been included in the operating system since 10.4, I believe. So, you might not be able to say that using a printer is better supported on Linux than on a Mac... especially considering that Apple own CUPS!
Michael R. Sweet, its developer works for Apple.
But good job guys. Enjoying the podcasts.
Would like to hear your comments on what would be in a dream OS that could put Windows or the Mac OS in the shade. You're up on the latest stuff, but from a readers perspective, I find I can miss some of what's going on, so I'd like to hear your opinions as that's the fun stuff for me. Dreaming of something better... What features would make a difference? Looking forward to see what you thought of the Amiga Thom and how that's different, as you mentioned on the podcast.


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