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Amiga & AROS So we finally meet! You can't imagine how hard I've tried to get my hands on a machine that could run AmigaOS 4 in all its glory. I've never used the Amiga before - not during its heydays, and not during its afterglow - so it meant an unexplored world for me. You can imagine my excitement when ACube Systems, makers of the sam440ep board that runs AmigaOS 4.1, offered a review machine to me, built around their own PowerPC sam440ep flex motherboard.
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Good review... but...
by Spirantho on Wed 15th Jul 2009 11:21 UTC
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A nicely written review... but there are some problems. Particularly that it's been written from the point of view of a beginner (a good thing) but one who's not read the manual (a bad thing). I'll have to check my OS 4 manual - maybe it doesn't mention about snapshotting icons etc. - but all of your major worries aren't the OS's fault, it's just you're not aware they're different to Windows and others. The only thing really missing is memory protection, but as long as you keep to well-written programs, you'll have minimal problems.

What I'd suggest doing is learning to use the OS - AmigaOS is not a beginner's OS - but it is perfect for people who like getting their hands dirty as it does exactly what you tell it to and nothing else. Once you've used it for a week or so, including chatting on IRC or something to a long-time user, write a follow-up review.

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