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Amiga & AROS So we finally meet! You can't imagine how hard I've tried to get my hands on a machine that could run AmigaOS 4 in all its glory. I've never used the Amiga before - not during its heydays, and not during its afterglow - so it meant an unexplored world for me. You can imagine my excitement when ACube Systems, makers of the sam440ep board that runs AmigaOS 4.1, offered a review machine to me, built around their own PowerPC sam440ep flex motherboard.
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It doesn't make sense, inasmuch as the PC has its own native partitioning system already. Trying to impose one's own rules when one is working in someone else's territory is not a winning tactic.

When Linux runs on SPARC hardware, it uses SPARC partitioning. When it runs on Macs, it uses Mac partitioning. When it runs on PCs, it uses PC partitioning.

Run Mac OS X on a PC, it uses PC partitioning.

Etc. etc.

This is, I'd argue, The Right Way. When in Rome, do as the Romans do. Adapt to the prevailing local customs and systems.

AmigaOS grew up in isolation; e.g., for many Amiga fans, Intuition was probably the first windowing system they ever used. Now, though, there are accepted ways of working, so AmigaOS /has/ to conform to the way everyone else works now.

It is a case of conform or die, I'm afraid.

I'm all for putting in support for working the old way for users who prefer it, but it needs to work the way non-Amigans expect out of the box. Firstly, there may be hundreds of thousands of old Amigans out there, but they are a small potential market. Secondly, even all those old fans have probably been using Windows, Macs or Linux since they moved on from their Miggys.

It's a theoretical point, really - AOS4/4.1 manifestly hasn't done this, and the BSDs are unlikely to change their ways now. If either it, it would infuriate loyal fans. I'm just trying to point out a philosophical difference in outlook, that's all!

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