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Humor That was my first reaction when I saw the headline. Should Hannah Montana and Linux even be allowed to be in the same sentence? Someone apparently thinks so. According to IT Knowledge Exchange, Hannah Montana Linux, obviously designed with Hannah Montana fans in mind, emerged recently on Twitter, being tweeted and re-tweeted so many times. It's been hosted at SourceForge and is currently available for download, but you had probably get your copy quickly because I'm sure the long, iron arm of Disney will find out about this project and quickly shut it down. Big companies are often touchy about their trademarks.
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Hannah Montana Linux will implement KDE4 as their default desktop, complete with hot pink (hair) extensions and neon wallpapers. In anticipation of this, and to appeal to her older, more post-pubescent fans, I will announce a sister distribution based on the 'less flashy' GNOME desktop called Miley Cyrus Linux.

But can I dual boot and have the best of both worlds?

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