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Podcasts We keep this week's podcast simple. Just two topics: Mono (finally some movement from Microsoft!) and Google's vapid Chrome OS announcement. However, to top this up with a full bodied flavour, we cover your feedback on last week's show.
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RE[3]: CUPS!
by Philip Grant on Thu 16th Jul 2009 01:59 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: CUPS!"
Philip Grant
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Hi Kroc!
If BeOS had all the underpinnings to make a perfect operating system, it's interesting that Apple wouldn't pay the $200 million asking price, but would pay over double that for NeXTstep. If BeOS had it all, does that imply that Haiku, the free rewrite of the OS, is going to develop into the perfect operating system? I hate to ask, but why is that then? I come to learn from those who know!

So, in your eyes, discussion of future developments of OS interfaces, spoken, gestural, 3d, augmented reality, security, software distribution, packages, system architecture, distributed, web, always on, instant on, integrated, embedded and converged in products will always bring us back to BeOS... OK, is Haiku all our futures?

I would guess everyone who comes to OSnews is dreaming of changes to make life better, what will those changes be? If Linux is now so patched and layered that it's now unstable or, at least, not optimal, what comes next?

I'd like people's opinions on why no one is developing an OS on Apple's Darwin kernel, if it's good enough for what is generally thought of as the best OS out there now. What is the most rationalised kernel to build on? Why did Apple choose their direction and what would they choose now or would they start from scratch? Why did google choose Linux for Chrome? Where should Windows go from here? Start afresh? With what?

I'm sure that everyone has some part of the answers. I know Thom believes there are better ways as he's written of his own ideas. Would love to hear more opinions.

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