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OSNews, Generic OSes It's time for another "OSNews asks" item. This time, I want to focus on something that I've been wanting to talk about with you all before, but never found the time for. The question is simple: which feature(s) from other operating systems would you like to see in your own main operating system?
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What I miss in z/OS
by asgard on Thu 16th Jul 2009 18:53 UTC
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Now since z/OS is my favorite operating system, I miss the following:

1. Some *real* scripting language. I mean, REXX is like Bash - nice for small scripts but really ugly for larger ones. I want something modern where I don't have to make tradeoff between modularity and data structures, like Python or Lisp.

2. Larger terminal sizes. The 132x62 in DYNAMIC mode is pretty good, but my screen would handle even more..

3. Free version of z/OS for my Hercules at home. Pretty please, IBM!

4. EMACS. I know it would be hard to make it work with 3270 terminal, but still, it's a real nice editor. It could at least have FTP mode to communicate with z/OS FTP server (datasets, job submitting, spool reading).

5. I miss few commands in TSO, especially some better archival/compression tool for several datasets (so I wouldn't have to write a job for that).

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