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Microsoft I'm sure most of you are aware of the advertisements going back and forth between Apple and Microsoft. Apple started out with the "I'm a Mac, I'm a PC" campiagn, and Microsoft responded - after a long wait - with the "Laptop Hunters" ads. Recently, Apple made some price cuts, and according to Microsoft, the Cupertino company's lawyers contacted Microsoft, demanding they take down the ads.
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by anduril on Thu 16th Jul 2009 22:09 UTC in reply to "Comment by kaiwai"
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the hours spent uninstalling the crap
I dont know how you uninstall software, but it takes all of about 20mins to clean the crapware off even a Dell or HP. They've drastically trimmed down what comes with the machines and while its annoying, it also helps them reach the low prices points

the fact you don't get a proper restoration CD which allows you to pick and choose what to restore
A restore CD is ment to take the computer back to factor settings. most users are too uneducated about computers to pick and choose what they want. Those who do know wipe out the factory install immediately with their own copy of windows anyways. That OEM code works perfectly fine with retail or upgrade disks

the fact that it lacks a well integrated iLife package,
I actually think ilife is pretty crappy but hey, to each their own. Considering you can get a fully copy of Word/Excel/Powerpoint with a new machine for anywhere from $70-140 I dont consider iLife a huge deal. I can still buy a second laptop for the cost of your cheapest mac.

the fact that when you ring up the vendor it is only a stroke of luck that you'll get someone who can speak your language clearly
Considering Im spending $1000-3000 for a laptop and have margin markups of 15-35% I damn well better speak to an American! When you buy a $600 PC with the same general specs as a $1200 mac you're throwing somethings "worldclass" support. Even though when my ibooks motherboard died, twice, I was still without a computer for a week at a time while apple replaced it. With ones that failed...again. Ditto the two hard drives. Having said that, I loved my ibook but I wont spend that much again on a laptop. Just plain silly

and given the recession I'd even bank on patriotic buying 'getting American's back to work as the competitors ship jobs over seas' if required
Considering macs arent built in america, nor are the parts, I dont see how you're supporting "American." Sure, they might be designed by Apple in America but even then I'd question that completely since they're often fairly stock Quntos (sp?) or Asus derived boards and such.

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