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Google One of the more controversial features of Google's Chrome/Chromium web browser is the way it handles updates. Contrary to other browsers, updates on Chrome are installed silently and automatically, without asking for the user's consent. While convenient and effective, it was also a security risk and sometimes it slowed people's machines down. Google now proposes a fix called Courgette.
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RE[4]: Neato
by kjmph on Fri 17th Jul 2009 07:04 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Neato"
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Close, but no cigar. A major problem is not patterns in the code, but rather function addresses. If you add even one byte to the beginning of a file, all addresses beyond that point are now shifted by one byte. Think of all the functions statically linked which are called by address. Every single call now has a new address. That's a lot of cruft to send over a wire. If you replace function addresses with function symbols, most of them are not going to change. Less info to send that way.

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