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Xfce While we regularly discuss Ubuntu, and to a lesser degree Kubuntu, there's also a version of Ubuntu tailor-made for the Xfce desktop environment. As most of you are aware, it's called Xubuntu, and after trying it out for the first time, I have to say that I find that it provides a better and more coherent experience than Ubuntu (let alone Kubuntu).
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Or either or instead of or or?
by xnoreq on Fri 17th Jul 2009 11:16 UTC
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Or or? Isn't it "either this or that"? Anyway, it sounds weird. Besides, this is an exclusive OR, or XOR-situation.

About the defaults: If the defaults (including theme, software selection ..) were so important nobody would use Windows, but *buntu. After installing Windows I need to adjust _a lot_ of settings, install _tons_ of software .. to get a (for my personal needs) usable desktop.

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