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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless For a while now, the Palm Pre and its webOS have been out and about, but the accompanying App Catalog remained remarkably empty, because Palm had not yet opened its software development kit for everyone. The SKD was leaked not too long ago, and today Palm has announced the official release of the Mojo SDK for everyone who wants to get their hands on it. It includes a webOS emulator.
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Have to wait if you are on win7
by griffinme on Sat 18th Jul 2009 03:33 UTC
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From the WebOS forum

"Rolls back on Windows 7 x86 as well. The leaked 0.3.4 did NOT do this, but a version of 0.3.5 did.

I also have tried the manual installation instructions for Novacom on the site, and no dice.

The only way which I've gotten it to work is by running it in "XP mode" which uses an XP virtual machine to run it. Using a virtual machine to run a virtual machine is very inefficient though and on my 1.3gHz Core 2 Duo laptop with 3GB RAM, it ran unbearably slow this way.

With the Windows 7 RTM coming soon, and many developers probably having MSDN so that they'll be able to get that ASAP, I definitely think some work needs to be done to get the installer to work."

I can testify that it doesn't work. On the plus side I do now have Virtual Box working on my machine.

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