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Hardware, Embedded Systems How does the Alpha Geek establish dominance over the other techies in the herd? With a self-consciously old fashioned, expensive, and fussy computer accessory, of course! We take a look at the Das keyboard and see if it's that much better than the mushy crap keyboard that came bundled with your Dell.
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Nothing like clicky-switch keyboards
by daschmidty on Sat 18th Jul 2009 15:21 UTC
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My family owns a number of Model M's and still use them on occasion, but they're AT keyboards and their uses are dwindling fast. I looked into Das, but it was just too expensive for a broke college student. I ended up picking up the scorpius M10, which uses the same Cherry scissor switches as the Das, and costs about half the price (~$70). For anyone who hasn't a real keyswitch keyboard, I must agree that the piano analogy is pretty spot on. Those normal cheap keyboards feel fine if they are the only thing you've used, but once you try a good one, the difference is really night and day.

I also agree with the previous poster that the thinkpad still has the best notebook keyboard on the market. I don't get the big trend to go to slimmer flatter keyboards on everything. Sure they look sleek, but they are really unpleasant to use, and in the end, for anyone who works with computers for a living, the keyboard has to be a functional tool and not just a fashion accessory.

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