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Mono Project Mono from SVN is now able to use LLVM as a backend for code generation in addition to Mono's built-in JIT compiler. "This allows Mono to benefit from all of the compiler optimizations done in LLVM. For example the SciMark score goes from 482 to 610. This extra performance comes at a cost: it consumes more time and more memory to JIT compile using LLVM than using Mono's built-in JIT, so it is not a solution for everyone. Long running desktop applications like Banshee and Gnome-Do want to keep memory usage low and also would most likely not benefit from better code generation. Our own tests show that ASP.NET applications do not seem to benefit very much (but web apps are inherently IO-bound). But computationally intensive applications will definitely benefit from this. Financial and scientific users will surely appreciate this performance boost."
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RE[3]: Comment by satan666
by Slambert666 on Sat 18th Jul 2009 16:24 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Comment by satan666"
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Yes, contrary to Mono, Java is everywhere.

There are Java implementations for:

- BlueRay players;
- Mobiles;
- Embeded systems (Cars, Ricoh copy manchines, Factory robots, and so on);
- All major OS;

Well you probably do not mean Java but JDK implementations. Unfortunately these implementations are often incompatible with each other etc etc. One could say that java tries to stretch the usefulness of the jvm so much that it is good at nothing. It is especially lacking as a systems programming language, something that mono excels at.

And lets not forget that only the C# compiler and CLR are patent free, given the latest Microsoft announcement.

So with Java I have access to the complete library coming with the JVM, while with Mono I am restricted to the language and basic library.

Since you are in the mood to spread some FUD,I will counter with that now Oracle is in charge of Java how long do you think that it is going to stay free?
My guess is probably not for long.
Soon your Java stuff will only be able to run on $100K oracle app server :-)

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