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Hardware, Embedded Systems How does the Alpha Geek establish dominance over the other techies in the herd? With a self-consciously old fashioned, expensive, and fussy computer accessory, of course! We take a look at the Das keyboard and see if it's that much better than the mushy crap keyboard that came bundled with your Dell.
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Today's paltry keyboard selection
by coreyography on Sat 18th Jul 2009 16:48 UTC
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Geek cred aside, I too keep around an IBM model M, because the Dell keyboards that came with our work machines are utterly unusable. I have to use it with a USB adapter, and it misses keystrokes sometimes, but it is still orders of magnitude better than the Dell.

I have not found too many good keyboards from anyone anymore, and finally bought one from for my home machine. I like it. I also still like my old Dell Quietkey (my KVM hates it, though) and a Sun keyboard I have. They don't "clack" but have good feel and feedback and accurate entry.

Fortunately I don't game much, and don't need extra keys or funky layouts. But I even typed on a few of those gaming keyboards, and did not like any of them either.

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