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Hardware, Embedded Systems How does the Alpha Geek establish dominance over the other techies in the herd? With a self-consciously old fashioned, expensive, and fussy computer accessory, of course! We take a look at the Das keyboard and see if it's that much better than the mushy crap keyboard that came bundled with your Dell.
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1984 IBM AT keyboard is the best
by mrAmiga500 on Sat 18th Jul 2009 18:40 UTC
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I'm a keyboard fanatic and of all the keyboards I ever used, the 1984 IBM AT keyboard is the best (I'm using it now). It's "clickier" than the Model M, and has a more solid feel. Old keyboards from the early 80's - like the TRS-80 Model III, Kaypro, TI-99/4A, etc. have nice sculpted keys and a quality feel you just don't get any more. I think keyboards started getting cheap in the mid to late 80's.

By the way, the Apple Extended II is not a buckling spring keyboard (though it does have a nice feel). The buckling spring is an IBM patented design.

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