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Hardware, Embedded Systems How does the Alpha Geek establish dominance over the other techies in the herd? With a self-consciously old fashioned, expensive, and fussy computer accessory, of course! We take a look at the Das keyboard and see if it's that much better than the mushy crap keyboard that came bundled with your Dell.
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IBM model M
by richmassena on Mon 20th Jul 2009 13:03 UTC
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I have a Model M which I've used for a few months. I like the fact that it is large and substantial and doesn't slide off my lap. It's ugly and loud so I wouldn't use this at an office, but for home use it perfect. I'm starting to grow attached to things which are well-built, even if they are heavier than the cheap stuff. Who would have guessed 20 years ago, when plastic signified cheaply made, that we'd prefer a better grade of plastic over what we have now?

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