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Sun Solaris, OpenSolaris The Linux desktop has come a long way. It's a fully usable, stable, and secure operating system that can be used quite easily by the masses. Not too long ago, Sun figured they could do the same by starting Project Indiana, which is supposed to deliver a complete distribution of OpenSolaris in a manner similar to GNU/Linux. After using the latest version for a while, I'm wondering: why?
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Comment by DistinctiveWeb
by DistinctiveWeb on Mon 20th Jul 2009 23:56 UTC
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I recently gave OpenSolaris a go and I have to say that I had the opposite opinion to you.

The good:

* My install was smooth (yet a little slow) but it was fairly easy to get it running on my machine.

* In general I found the OS to work extremely quick on my Core 2 Duo, 3GB RAM, 512MB GeForce 7600 GO notebook, it was simple to enable 3D effects like Compiz, etc, the NVIDIA drivers were built in.

* In general the OS was visually pleasing to use, I like the default theme, other themes like clearlooks, lots of wallpapers, nice icon set and I like the default set of Compiz effects.

The bad:

* It really did a number on my Windows installation, there was no option to install the boot loader to the partition that OS was installed on to. I had to use recovery console to get my Windows 7 installation back again, and instead of it being straight forward like Linux where you just choose "Startup repair" I had to use diskpart to re-enable partitions, as well as rebuild the BCD info, etc, it was painful (I did get Windows back but I know LOTS of people will give up in frustration and probably reinstall).

* Wireless liked it inexplicably drop out

* Package manager isn't very nice and it really slow

* Lack of software but I don't blame Sun for that

Overall I wish the project the best of success and I am sure things can only improve. Initially I am impressed but since it's young I won't make any personal final judgment on it.

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