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Podcasts We are joined on the show this week by our guest Tess Flynn, a consultant and technology trainer in the US midwest. She helps us discuss the past present and future of operating systems including the Amiga, BeOS and RISC OS camps and what monstrosity (or majesty) would arise if we combined their powers.
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by roger_ramjet on Tue 21st Jul 2009 00:17 UTC
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Still listening to the podcast now.

The words about we wont care about the box sitting in the corner of the room and computers not being "special" are so so true.

I have tried so many OS and none capture the magic of the old days.

It's all about upgrading now for most people.
Largest HD. Most RAM, Fastest Graphics. Blah blah.

To top it off most of the time the bloated software hides the gain anyway.

When i was younger i had an Amiga 500 for about 7 years. The only upgrades i was lucky enough to get was a 20 MB hard drive and memory improvement to 2.5 MB.

But it was possible to know nearly all the ins and outs.

I think the Charm of computers back then is defintitely dying.

I agree there is nothing special about KDE/Gnome/XFCE etc etc.

Nothing really imaginative is really happening with the Mainstream OS.

I hope something like Haiku can change this.
I have tried AROS and it was pretty interesting too and really snappy.

... Are computers really getting less interesting albeit more powerful or is it just my age.

I remember being so passionate at 15 or so with the miggy but now its about knowledge and performance.

Where is the passion.

Rant over ;-)

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