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Podcasts We are joined on the show this week by our guest Tess Flynn, a consultant and technology trainer in the US midwest. She helps us discuss the past present and future of operating systems including the Amiga, BeOS and RISC OS camps and what monstrosity (or majesty) would arise if we combined their powers.
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Great pod cast! Great topics!
by Philip Grant on Tue 21st Jul 2009 01:16 UTC
Philip Grant
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Very good to hear all the opinions, especially thinking about the decentralisation of functions into dedicated devices mentioned. Do we want lesser ability, but dedicated devices? Of course there's been a convergence in many areas, all the hand held devices at one scale, while media has been integrated on computer. There maybe dedicated game systems which can equally deal with media, as Tess pointed out, indicative of ever increasing processing power. While Thom points towards a few short years from now when every processing device, even hand held, are all going to have the same capabilities and all that will differentiate them will be the interfaces. When each OS becomes more or less homogenous, will you change the name of the site to UInews? Does this suggest that a limited system, such as the Chrome OS, will only ever be regarded as a disappointment and inadequate? Are Google anticipating where the ball is going to be? Will Chrome become a fully functioning OS in stages? Is this a creeping, stealthy attack on Windows and the Mac?

Good to hear the insights from Tess. Very interesting. Come back again and lets have more guests too. What was your web site URL? Couldn't make it out. Advertise now!

Good to bring up some pros and cons of hierarchies and data bases Kroc. I always liked the transparent nature of Mac OS 8 and 9. It was like a car before electronic ignition, easy to mend when something went wrong. You knew where the stuff was. There was a simple beauty in controlling the computer by moving extensions and control panels in and out of active folders, tailoring the system for the activity. So much could be controlled simply by moving files around. Truly spatial.

There seems to be a general push towards lists, but the spatiality of any interface shouldn't be disregarded. We often need a rich gamut of our faculties employed to interact well with a computer... What does anyone think of 3D interfaces? The reason to use one might not be there now, but does it suggest a functionality yet to come, or is it just overkill?

Yes Thom... in your TV... Everything will merge and there will be a fluidity in the way data is manipulated... and this will come and tap you on the shoulder sooner than you know it.

You asked what was missing from your OS. Can I suggest asking the question, What's your favourite platform feature that you couldn't be without? There are probably so many that people might mention and it would be interesting to see what highlights we might be missing. What arrangements of ones and zeros make us passionate? It might be the applications themselves?

Thanks all for a very enjoyable and interesting show!

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