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OSNews, Generic OSes Few of Google's projects, rumors of projects, and acquisitions have generated as much envy among Linux users as Google Earth. In some respects the search engine behemoth is quite OS-agnostic, but the 3D virtual globe remains limited to Windows desktops. But there is an alternative: NASA's World Wind project. Like Google Earth, it's a 3D planetary visualization system that overlays satellite imagery, weather, political, and topological map data. The difference is: World Wind is open source.
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working on it
by Gadrel on Wed 28th Sep 2005 13:34 UTC
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I've hired a contractor to work on the 3D OpenGL version using Mono/Tao. He has made some good progress, and made some insightful observations, so I am hopeful this can work. The goal is to have the core functionality working in Linux/MacOS X/Windows - although we do plan to redesign parts of the core so it is not a port so much as it is a translation of the WW idea.

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