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OSNews, Generic OSes If you haven't been to our OS Resources page lately, you haven't missed much action, because like many online resource pages, a lot of effort went into it long ago when it was launched, but it's been lacking attention since, with only occasional updates. Alas, thus is the sorrow of Web 1.0. We'd like to drag OS Resources into the participatory web, and let the OSNews community help keep it up to date. Wiki seems like an obvious solution. So I'd like to ask, dear readers, is there a Wiki system that you think would be especially good for a small-but-growing OS Resource guide? There's Mediawiki, of course, but it seems a bit heavyweight and user-unfriendly for something small and simple. I've had good experience with Mindtouch Deki, but thought I should examine other options before picking it. So what do you think? Is Wiki the way to go, if so, which one? And what would you like to see in our new OS Resources?
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Another vote for pmwiki
by cjcox on Tue 21st Jul 2009 13:01 UTC
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PmWiki is filesystem based. So, it's as fast and as flexible as your filesystem. Also, unlike most that are based upon databases, PmWiki can take a slashdotting. Most db based wiki's fail because most people are not DBAs and do not have a scalable db infrastructure that can take the punishment.

PmWiki has a fantastic community, it is well designed, easy to extend and use. You can pretty much make it do anything you need it to do. With that said, many are NOT looking for a flexible platform, but something that has lots of fancy looking toys (because people in general stink at creating actual content). I would argue that PmWiki is a wiki for people that generate content and are not afraid to extend it on their own.

PmWiki runs our site intranet portal. In our case authentication is used and done against multiple sources including AD.

When we have a need for a new feature, I write the feature and also put the extension up on pmwiki's website for others to use as well. But we do have some extensions that are designed just to work with internal systems. We love it.

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