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Hardware, Embedded Systems This is one sad story to report on. Sun Danyong, 25-year-old employee at Chinese manufacturing company Foxconn, has committed suicide after being subjected to apparently rather rigorous interrogation methods by Foxconn's Central Security Division. Danyong handled a shipment of 16 iPhone prototypes, and one of them went missing. Update: Apple responds: "We are saddened by the tragic loss of this young employee, and we are awaiting results of the investigations into his death. We require our suppliers to treat all workers with dignity and respect."
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by kaiwai on Tue 21st Jul 2009 20:56 UTC
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This is a very sad story unfortunately and hopefully it will not act as some sort of lightening rod to all the anti-Apple nutcases to come out of the woodworks, "Apple secrecy murders Foxconn employee" and other such Fox-like statements loaded with hyperbole.

Apple's secrecy as you said Thom also plays a part; and we've seen it occur time and time again, especially with the enthusiast sites. Rather than using it to their advantage by way of saying, "we maybe a niche in the computer market but the the enthusiasm for our products is huge by way of those who want to get the latest gossip on our developments". If there is information leaked they could capitalise on it and say, "well, we tried to keep it under wraps but you only keep such a great product from the public for so long...."; use the leaks as evidence of 'great enthusiasm' in the marketplace. Then again, I tend to have a laid back personality.

As for the bit at the end regarding hypocrisy - if we analysed almost every action done by every company I don't think we would own a thing if one were making purchasing decisions based on how moral/ethical a company is. Take my shoes for instance - should I feel guilty because there is a possibility that the glue used in the sole of the shoe could turn out to be carcinogenic? I don't feel any guilt about owning two Mac's and a iPod as a result because me not buying them isn't going to change a particular policy - all I can do is speak out about it and for pressure to be put on Apple. Apple have an image, and part of that isn't only being 'cool' but also doing things differently - and that includes having some ethics when conducting business.

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