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Original OSNews Interviews Today, I had the opportunity to speak with Iyer Venkatesan, Product line manager for StarOffice at Sun Microsystems. He spoke to me at length about StarOffice 8, which will be released tomorrow. Read on for a summary of the interview, and be sure to check out the review at Newsforge as well.
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RE: OO and SO are memory hogs
by Anonymous on Wed 28th Sep 2005 14:39 UTC
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I can run MSO with same memory very efficiently

I think that's because Windows has already pre-loaded much of the stuff needed for MSO and SO/OOo being multi-platform has to supply its own.
But I agree it'd be nice to see a smaller memory consumption in SO/OOo
An interresting thing would be to run MSO though Wine in linux and measure how much RAM MSO acctually uses.

my big question is will you risk an important presentation or report of being not formated well or glitches(minor to linux geeks) in front of your boss or a valuable meeting or conference or you would rely on MSO for such important presentations.???

Why would a presentation made in SO/OOo not be well formatted in front of your boss?
If it's made in MSO and presented in SO/OOo there might be minor layout differences, but surely you don't run a presentation of someone elses MSO document unrehersed (and unadjusted), do you?

- Peder

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