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Apple It seems Apple is on a roller coaster ride this week, going from bad news to good news, back to bad news again. A local television station from Seattle, US, forced the Consumer Product Safety Commission via the Freedom Of Information Act to hand over an 800-page report about fire hazards posed by Apple's iPod music players. Experts on consumer safety agree that it's time Apple makes public statements about the fire hazards posed by iPods.
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This seems to happen alot...
by Drumhellar on Wed 22nd Jul 2009 19:27 UTC
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Maybe it's just me, but I see Apple in the news for dangerous products far more often than other computer companies. I've never heard of Dell, HP, or Gateway laptops burning people or catching fire, nor have I seen mention of Zune injuries, but every new generation of Apple portable devices comes with a new generation of Apple-batteries-explode stories.

Is this really an almost Apple-only problem?

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