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Windows It's been a three year long ride. Windows Vista was released January 2007, and its reception by the press was very negative, which made sure public perception was very negative as well. Sales were slow, people wanted Windows XP, and businesses didn't care about Vista either. Microsoft needed something that would make the world forget about Vista, and it needed it fast. The journey is over: Windows 7 has gone RTM.
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Without Aero, alt-tab acts like it always have, with a row of 32x32 icons below the currently selected window title as you flip through.
With Aero turned on, it shows a large preview (aprox. 1/10th full screen resolution on my display) with the 32x32 icon located in the bottom-right of each corner. Note that this preview is smaller than you'd get if you had the alt-tab replacement powertoy for XP, but it does perform better.

The win-tab combo shows all the windows scaled back and at an angle, and the whole window stack slides forward, with the front most window moving to the back. The previews are quite large, as the whole thing takes up most of the screen (at least, on my monitor. Not sure if higher resolutions result in larger previews). The previews are large enough to read text off of them if you feel like squinting.

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