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Apple It seems Apple is on a roller coaster ride this week, going from bad news to good news, back to bad news again. A local television station from Seattle, US, forced the Consumer Product Safety Commission via the Freedom Of Information Act to hand over an 800-page report about fire hazards posed by Apple's iPod music players. Experts on consumer safety agree that it's time Apple makes public statements about the fire hazards posed by iPods.
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RE: How I feel
by dvhh on Thu 23rd Jul 2009 01:41 UTC in reply to "How I feel"
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different industries,
As P&G provide different product related to health,
it is very risky to let a toxic product in the wild, and
short term toxicity is easier to test and proof
(long term effects on the other hand are impossible to do),
and accident are bound to happen but recall of the batch is the norm
in pharmaceutics.
Apple on the other hand try to use edgy hardware technology
( which is bound to be risky ), add to that that it depend on the
batch of production, combination of material and condition of use,
then you have an impossible test case, plus initiating a recall is costy
(even for Apple ), so considering the occurences and the impact
of the incident the only thing we will have is another restriction on
portable music player on the airplane.

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